Lillian’s Web Development Skills

A list of where I am at with all of my skills; I am continuously learning and tracking my progress in this sheet!


I can use WordPress very comfortably and know how to use Beaver Builder and the basics of Elementor. I know how to manage and update WordPress themes and plugins using safe security practices. I have experience working with WordPress themes such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Genesis/Dynamik, Divi, and Gutenberg.


I have a proficient level of editing and troubleshooting HTML, as I’ve been working with it professionally for about a year now both in hard-coded projects and projects using a page builder for the layout.


Since HTML and CSS go hand-in-hand, I have been working with CSS professionally for about a year now; I’ve worked with CSS in hard-coded projects like custom PHP inserts and WordPress hooks, and in new and old WordPress themes.


I have experience editing and troubleshooting PHP in WordPress, through projects involving editing and customizing WordPress hooks and the pages they pull, and customizing loops that pull data from databases into a table.


I have a good understanding of how to write and troubleshoot front-end JavaScript code, but I am currently learning how to work with it more proficiently for more advanced projects like displaying data and decorative interactive graphics.


I am currently learning how to correctly configure products in WooCommerce and make sure that they properly integrate with related products.

CRM systems

I am currently learning about CRM systems such as Keap and how they integrate with various site plugins such as Memberium.

Payment Gateway

I am currently learning about how to troubleshoot issues with connecting, integrating, and synchronizing payment gateways with WooCommerce.