• and How to Install Phind Inside of VS Code and How to Install Phind Inside of VS Code

    Phind is a super helpful tool for researching topics, troubleshooting code, and even generating helpful code snippets! My favorite thing about it is that it makes it super easy to see and click to copy all of the sources it is pulling from. This makes saving links for later a breeze, and you can verify… Continue reading

  • Optimizing VR: Research

    There are definitely differences between optimizing for different devices and for different platforms. As in the case of devices, you have to account for different hardware and basic software devices, especially as graphics rendering engines may differ amongst varying device models and and platforms. Most mobile VR systems have limited storage and processing power, so… Continue reading

  • Protected: Building a VR Game – Unity Kart Microgame

    Protected: Building a VR Game – Unity Kart Microgame

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Continue reading

  • Adding a Table of Contents with HTML

    How do I build a Table of Contents generator for an HTML document with vanilla JavaScript? ANSWER | PHIND-34B MODEL To build a Table of Contents (TOC) generator for an HTML document using vanilla JavaScript, you can follow these steps, inspired by the provided sources: Here’s a simplified version of the createToc function and how to… Continue reading

  • Converting an image to Base64

    To insert a PNG image into an HTML document using raw code instead of a src link, you can use a Data URL. This method involves converting the image to a Base64 encoded string and embedding it directly into the HTML document. Here’s how you can do it: This command will create a text file… Continue reading

  • Porting VR Apps: Android vs Desktop

    There is a long list of steps involved with developing any VR app, but this list will look very different depending on which platform you are developing for. There are three main things you have to bear in mind when working with Android apps: hardware-software compatibility concerns, processing power and optimization concerns, and testing… Continue reading

  • Upcoming Let’s Encrypt Update will Affect Android 7.0 and Earlier

    You may have gotten a notice from Cloudflare or other DNS/hosting/SSL provider about roots and keys and SSL and other confusing terms, with a link to a Let’s Encrypt article: In a nutshell, this is related to encryption certificate policies changing this year that will cause compatibility issues on older devices. Essentially, websites using… Continue reading

  • I Need to Learn About Databases

    I have reached the point in my programming journey where I want to build apps that pull from a vast collection of data – but so far, I only know how to work with JSON, and not very well, at that. I have heard of CSV, of MySQL, ProgestreSQL, and the browser database storage system… Continue reading

  • Ways to Fix Mysterious WordPress Bugs

    Opening the permalinks page and hitting save fixes random bugs on many WordPress sites. That’s all, folks. Continue reading

  • How to Make Triangles with CSS

    This article is really cool! I used this triangle to add a sort of “chat bubble” effect to a navigation using pseudo selectors and absolute positioning. The possibilities for this concept, however, are limitless! Continue reading