Week of February 27 to March 5

This week, I continued to work on my client work, utilizing the system I had set up in Trello for the first client and staying in touch with my second client, which is going rather slowly. This week, my first client had to cancel the meeting, so I had to stay in touch with her as I worked on the documentation. We will be signing off on the website design next week. To do this, I used the browser tools to tweak the CSS, and then took a screen capture using an extension called GoFullPage. This allowed me to screenshot the entire page of the adjusted template page. This process was significantly faster than attempting to get a full-length screen capture and design by pricing together and recoloring the page in Photoshop, so I will have to keep that method in mind for all future projects where I am working with WordPress themes.

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  1. Natasha Scott Avatar
    Natasha Scott

    One of my project is starting off slow also. My other three clients project are progressing very well. I looked into the GoFullPage and I am going to use it when I need to. I am also going to look into Trello. I have been using GoDaddy Pro to manage my projects.

  2. That is a really nice extension that you found for full-page screen captures. Thank you for that! Hopefully the missed meeting won’t put a delay on your work! It sounds like having Trello is really helping with the communication though.

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