Week of Feb 21-25

This week I worked on my LinkedIn profile page and on my portfolio page site, further communicated with my second client, and finished the Content Delivery Plan with my first client.

The Content Delivery Plan process finished off quite well, although we had to have an extra meeting just to make sure we understood all the content we would need. We were able to set up accounts on a few different services just to plan and store all the content. Sharing everything over email and Skype is not a very good system for organizing content. With this in mind, we made

  • a shared Canva space for creating graphics and images
  • a shared Trello board with a calendar for managing who is doing what
  • a shared OneDrive folder for organizing all of the media files

This ensures both of us will stay on track, and both of use know what we need to do. I would say that is a solid system!

Next, I will need to set up the documentation for the website design plan, much of the details of which have already been hashed out. Then we will sign off on it as soon as we can and move to the next phase.

2 responses to “Week of Feb 21-25”

  1. Natasha Scott Avatar
    Natasha Scott

    I have to do the content delivery plan for the next phase of all of my clients’ websites. I have came up with a good system to manage my clients accounts with GoDaddy Pro. I would love to know what processes you are using to see if any would be beneficial to me.

  2. It seems like you have a really good system set up with your client. Having those shared spaces is really helpful and makes sharing content so much easier.

    I have heard about Trello and a few other managing sites. I’m curious to know what you think of Trello the more you use it.

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