Creating a Project Scope Document

I am currently working on creating a contract document for a client. This post contains my notes on what a scope and project has to include.

Scope Outline:

  • Project Scope Description
  • Project Goals
  • Project Objectives
  • Schedule Overview
  • Details and Assumptions Statements
  • Budget Overview: Create a line item budget, and consider a detailed budget to be attached as an Appendix.


The description is a big picture summary of the project and its goals will be. It is easier to finish writing this after the rest of the scope is written. A mission statement of sorts will be helpful here.

Goals vs. Objectives

Goals are more vague and high level. Meanwhile, objectives should be written to start with action verbs, contain boundaries, and be SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound).

Schedule Overview

The schedule may be written any way you want and need for your project. However, here are some template workflow suggestions:

Template 1 (My Class Demo Process)

  • Client Discovery
  • Client Survey
    • Industry Report
  • Audience Analysis Report
  • Client Clarification / Project Review
    • Creative Brief
  • Overview
    • Scope
    • Approval Form
    • Change Order Form Template
  • Content
    • Content Outline
    • Content Delivery Plan
    • Site Map
  • Site View
    • Site Map
    • Naming Conventions
  • User Paths
    • Wireframe
    • Navigational Structures Plan
    • Naming and Labeling Plan
    • User Scenerios
    • Key User Paths
  • Visual Design
    • Color and Layout Choices
    • Final Choice of Visual Design
    • Visual Design and Specifications
  • Build and Deliver
    • Production Style Guide
    • Begin Handoff Packet
    • Put Together Everything
  • Quality Assurance
    • QA Report
    • QA Test Cases
    • QA Bug Tracking Templates
    • QA Bug Testing
  • Launch and Beyond
    • Domain Name Registration Plan
    • Search Tool Plans
    • Final Maintenance Plan
    • Site Announcement Plan
    • Change Order Form for Website Validation
    • Change Order Form for SEO and Domain Name Registration
  • Training and Presentation
    • User Training Plan
    • Handoff Packet for Pat’s Coffee
    • Training Document
    • Training Video
    • Website Overview Video

Template 2 (My First Internship Project)

My teacher commended my scope plans for all of my projects. However, this one was one of my favorites.

  • Initial Scoping
    • Gather Preliminary Information and Details (I created an entire questionnaire before meeting to do this)
    • Sign off on Project Scope
  • Website Content and Structure
    • Content Planning
      • Content type outline + delivery plan
      • Podcast Platform setup
    • Web Site Structure
      • Site Map + User Paths
      • Naming Conventions
      • Wireframe + Navigation Plan
  • Phase 1 Step 2: Website Visual Design
    • Visual Design Step 1
      • Color and Layout Choices
      • Final Visual Design Choice
    • Visual Design Step 2
      • Visual Design and Specifications
  • Phase 2 Step 1: Build and Deliver
    • Production Style Guide
    • Website Preliminary Launch
    • Quality Assurance
      • QA Report
      • QA Bug Tracking Forms
  • Phase 2 Step 2: Domain Setup
    • Domain Name Registration Plan
    • Site Announcement Plan
  • Phase 2 Step 3: Client Training
    • Client Training Materials
    • Maintenance review (change order form tbd)
  • Marketing and Monetization Phase 1
    • SEO
    • Marketing
    • Feedback System Setup
  • Marketing and Monetization Phase 2
    • Monetization Setup
  • Marketing and Monetization Phase 3
    • Second Round of Training Material
    • Marketing
  • Marketing and Monetization Phase 4
  • Client handoff packet


Here is a template for a budget (ignore pricing, this was from my internship stuff. I put this here for formatting and concept sake).

Estimated Hours35$490
Compensation per Hour$14
Student Discount60%$294
Total Cost$196
example budget summary

In my last internships, I had no idea how to make a detailed budget or how to go about invoicing. My teacher mentioned that I need to inform my clients ahead of the payment due date with a reminder. I will come back and update this section when I understand invoicing better. I also want to consider splitting up the payment across the schedule in case the client abandons you.

Summary of Considerations:

  • Billing Schedule
  • Invoicing and Billing Reminders
  • Payment Methods
  • Detailed budget for each task and service

Details and Assumptions

Do not leave any assumptions out when writing this section!!!

  • Write out everything you think YOU need to do.
  • Write out everything you expect the CLIENT to do
  • Make all responsibilities for each person involved in the project as clearly as possible.
  • Make clear everything that is included and not included in the budget and the schedule.
  • Make clear your policies for if you or your client do not act up to.
  • Specify time, place, schedule, communication policies, project members.


Signatures can be surprisingly complicated if you are new to this sort of thing. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make the signature line longer than you think and give it plenty of vertical space.
  • E-signatures can be easily added in Dropbox. In OneDrive, this may only be done over the mobile app.
  • Put a line for the signature date.
  • If you can’t sign digitally, print and sign the last page of the paper form, and then scan and upload this.

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