Professional Development Plan Ideas

Over this summer, I will want to keep expanding and sharpening my web development skills. Here are some of the top career development activities I want to do:

  • learn Docker
  • install Linux
  • learn GIT
  • Learn Sass CSS
  • Learn PHP and MySQL and everything about MariaDB
  • Learn jQuery or Angular
  • Change domain name
  • Become registered business
  • Become Adobe Certified
  • Build a WordPress theme (I have the link saved to an online course for this but I have to go and find it).
  • Code a lot of games with vanilla JavaScript so I can sharpen my somewhat rusty JavaScript skills.

My top three favorite ideas for career development:

Jeff Delaney at says Angular is one of the longest-used and most robust frameworks. Apparently, it is going to be updated to include some features that newer frameworks have, yet it is more efficient as well.

I have enjoyed using the app and browser extension to see coding news, and I have been watching the Fireship youtube channel that frequently posts a Code Report on the latest coding news. Those two things have been giving me a lot more ideas on what I could use for career development, like learning how to implement automation into my coding workflows. However, to expand my skills, I need a posting plan that allows for more databases, so I will likely be switching DNS and hosting providers this year. This will also be a very educational experience, as switching providers could be a service I can offer to clients in the future.

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  1. Natasha Scott Avatar
    Natasha Scott

    We have a lot of interest in common. I also want to create a WordPress theme, as well as a plugin. I am also going to learn PHP, Python, and a few other languages. I am going to include my plan in my blog.

  2. Natasha Scott Avatar
    Natasha Scott

    I also had to get an Incomplete in the internship class. My clients did not get me the content and images on time. I have updated my timeline but it might interfere with my summer plans. I start school in the fall and wanted to take the summer off to pursue some personal projects.

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