Backing Up My Old Website

Today is website backup day! I previously used as my old website during the time I was at school earning my Web Development and Design Specialist associate degree.

I now need to figure out how to port all of my hard-coded and CMS websites into my new website under either a portfolio name or under the same name but just switched over to my new hosting provider. I am not really sure how much time is left on the domain name license for If I could use the same old domain name for my own content, it would simplify the issue of dead links to portfolio items. However, I would then need to continue to pay for the old domain name.

It is interesting to see a recap how many different things I learned and built during the courses I took at college. I learned about

  • Beginner to advanced HTML and CSS
  • Basic JavaScript
  • How to use databases, PHPmyAdmin, mySQL, and PHP
  • Basics of micro and macro economics, which I then turned into a blog about economics. I want to eventually revisit that, since the economy is pretty nuts right now.
  • Emerging Web Technologies and Trends: I actually learned a lot more about CSS through this class, in addition to fun frivolous technology like 3D in-browser graphics using A-frame framework. I also learned about PWA’s which were definitely one of my favorite concepts.
  • Content Management systems such as Joomla, PrestaShop, WordPress, OpenCart, which I all constructed small websites for.
  • Web developer and designer workflow, and working with teams over the course of a web development project.

It is interesting to overview all of my old projects, and as I watch the striped blue bar slowly grow during each download, I have to contemplate everything I have planned next. Clearly, my first task is to get my new portfolio website up and running. After that? I need to improve my knowledge of JS and learn about JS frameworks such as Angular. Then, I want to make a wiki for myself for how to handle the administrative and business side of independent web developer contract work.

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