March 31st Update

This week, I worked on more of the documentation for my main internship project, met with my client to wrap up a phase of the project, and had a virtual meeting with the instructor to see how I should proceed with my fell-though internships.

My list of tasks for the week is very large, so I will need to be efficient. In addition, we had some difficulty in choosing a hosting provider since our initial choice which we had picked for price ended up being disliked by my client due to its overly verbose, confusing, and defensive Terms of Service, which was written in a way that made it seem the company would not think twice or hesitate to make our lives more difficult. So I am back to square one with finding a better hosting provider for her. We will have to have a follow-up meeting this following Monday, as we have been doing when the things we are working on are proving to be too difficult to complete in one meeting, or we need more details.

I also need to debug the website and do a QA audit. I will need to comb through the documentation and possibly the support for the theme we are using, since some of the problems I am having do not make any sense. However, we did finalize the logo design (it helped that I was just learning about logo design in my Design Fundamentals class).

As for my meeting with the instructor, we determined that an incomplete will be needed, reviewed my hours, and discussed the documentation I need to complete. In addition, she recommended I take a lot of notes on what I am reading. I will have to make a personal manual for web development contract work and add what I know so far, especially for making project scopes.

2 responses to “March 31st Update”

  1. What class are you completing the manual for. I would be very interested in reading it. I hope you will be able to find some clients to add to your hours. I’m sorry you are having so many issues with your projects. I was having those issues too, then everything just started falling into place.

  2. Although the hosting situation fell through, it’s really awesome that your client read through the Terms of Service. I’ve been noticing a lot of people will just sign and not think twice. As frustrating as that must be, at least you now know for future clients and for yourself. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to find something soon and get a good start on that project.

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