PWAs vs Native Apps (TLDR)

There are two ways to make apps. They are similar yet very different in the end.


PWAs are compatible with most devices, which makes the coding process more time efficient. They act like native apps and can be placed on the home screen, but without the need for an app store as an intermediary. They are also lightweight yet capable of leveraging features like caching for offline use. Since they are basically installable websites, they can be indexed by search engines and leverage the security of the HTTPS protocol.

Native Apps

Native apps are for specific platforms (basically operating systems). Since they are coded more specifically for each platform, they will run more efficiently. They have more accessibility and are less likely to crash.


FeaturePWANative app
Budget friendlinessvery friendlymore expensive and time consuming to use
App store compatibleyes but with caveatsyes
Sizelightweightmore code, more storage
Stabilityless stablemore stable
Hardware useyes but with some limitationsyes
Add icon to home screenyesyes
Can use offlineyesyes


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