Week of February 13-20

During this week, I worked on getting my work samples completed. It was difficult and it took longer than expected to debug and update the HTML and CSS of all three of my sites, as I did not use PHP for all of the site elements as thoroughly as I would have wished.

As far as clients are concerned, I met virtually with my first client on Thursday and the following Monday to get all the details I need for the content delivery plan. Additionally, over the weekend, I was finally able to meet virtually with a virtual client to see what the boy scout website would involve. I gained enough information to know what questions I need to ask next; scoping out this project is going to take a few steps!

2 responses to “Week of February 13-20”

  1. I understand what you mean about those work samples. It took a while just to update the navigation. I have completed two projects scopes and I am working on completing a third one tonight. I was also referred a client. I will see how that goes. I am a little nervous because I don’t know this client. Hopefully, I will do a good job.
    I didn’t know you could use PHP to code a whole website. What is the benefit of using PHP over HTML and CSS?

  2. Getting a good understanding of what questions to ask in an initial meeting is super helpful. I have learned to type up or write down the questions I can think of beforehand. My biggest issue though is I tend to get intimidated when it comes to asking questions, I don’t know why, but then I end up not asking all of my questions or I try to re-word what I wrote and it never makes sense. This is definitely something I need to work on.

    It seems like PHP is your preferred language to code. What is it about PHP that you like the most?

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